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Non-Domestic Microgen Grant: Everything You Need To Know

Are you looking to reduce your business's energy costs while contributing positively to the environment? The Non-Domestic Microgen Grant offers an exciting opportunity for businesses, farms, schools, community centres, and other non-profit organisations in Ireland to make this shift. This grant facilitates the installation of solar photovoltaic (PV) panels, enabling electricity generation right where you need it.

What is the Non-Domestic Microgen Grant?

The Non-Domestic Microgen Grant (NDMG) is a government initiative designed to assist non-domestic entities in installing solar PV systems. This move not only cuts down on electricity costs but also bolsters your organisation’s commitment to sustainability. Under this scheme, funding is available for systems up to 1000kWp, ensuring a wide range of organisations can benefit.

Understanding the Grant Amounts

The grant value is directly tied to your solar PV system's output. Here’s a quick overview:

  • Systems ranging from 1kWp to 20kWp can receive from €900 to €300 per kWp.

  • Larger systems, from 21kWp to 1000kWp, get funding from €200 to €150 per kWp.

  • The maximum grant, based on the 1000kWp system size, is €162,600.

Who Can Apply?

This grant is open to various sectors, including:

  • Businesses of all sizes

  • Agricultural entities

  • Public sector bodies

  • Educational institutions

  • Community centres

  • Non-profit organisations

Application Process: How Carraher Solar Makes It Easy

  1. Partner with Carraher Solar: Start your journey by choosing Carraher Solar, a trusted and registered SEAI Solar PV company. Our team of experts will guide you through every step, ensuring a smooth and efficient process.

  2. Initial Consultation and Quote: Carraher Solar will conduct an in-depth assessment of your premises to determine the best solar solution for your needs. We provide a comprehensive quote, detailing the most effective system layout and expected energy savings.

  3. Grant Application Assistance: With our extensive experience in handling grant applications, Carraher Solar will assist you in applying for the Non-Domestic Microgen Grant. We ensure that your application is robust and compliant, maximising your chances of success.

  4. ESB Networks Approval: Carraher Solar takes charge of the necessary paperwork and coordination with ESB Networks. We handle all technical aspects of the grid connection application to guarantee a seamless approval process.

  5. Installation of Your Solar PV System: Our team of certified installers will efficiently install your solar PV system, adhering to the highest industry standards. We focus on minimising disruption to your operations, ensuring a hassle-free installation.

  6. Finalising the Grant Claim: After the installation, Carraher Solar will complete and submit all required documentation to SEAI on your behalf. Our thorough approach ensures that every detail is accounted for, facilitating a smooth grant payment process.

  7. Ongoing Support and Maintenance: Carraher Solar is committed to your long-term success. We offer ongoing support and maintenance services, ensuring your solar PV system continues to operate at peak efficiency for years to come.

The Non-Domestic Microgen Grant is more than just a financial incentive; it's a step towards a sustainable future for your organisation. With significant cost savings and a reduced carbon footprint, this grant offers a win-win solution. Ready to make the switch to solar? Start your journey today and reap the benefits of clean, renewable energy.

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