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Solar Grants for Businesses in Ireland: Everything You Need to Know

In recent years, the Irish government has been proactive in promoting sustainable energy solutions. The solar grants for businesses in Ireland stand as a testament to this commitment. Businesses, schools, community centres, and other non-profit organisations have a significant incentive to go green with the Non-Domestic Microgen Grant.

Understanding the Non-Domestic Microgen Grant

This specific grant offers a significant incentive for businesses to transition to renewable energy sources. But what exactly does the Non-Domestic Microgen Grant entail?

About the Grant

The Non-Domestic Microgen Grant (NDMG) provides financial support to businesses and other sectors, enabling them to install solar PV panels and generate electricity on-site. This not only reduces commercial electricity costs and guarantees a security of supply but also enhances a business's sustainability profile. Notably, grant funding can cover systems up to a powerful 1000kWp.

The Appeal of Solar PV

When considering solar grants for businesses in Ireland, it's essential to understand why solar PV stands out. With solar photovoltaic (PV) modules, businesses can:

  • Cut down on electricity costs

  • Showcase their commitment to sustainability

  • Actively contribute to Ireland’s climate goals

  • Avail of a government grant reaching up to €162,600

Diving into the Grant Amounts

The amount businesses can receive depends on the solar PV system's output. It's crucial to note that only systems with a maximum output of 1000kWp qualify for the Non-Domestic Microgen Grant. Installation of systems larger than this will render the establishment ineligible for the NDMG grant. Systems ranging from 1kWp to a maximum of 1000kWp are eligible for a grant, with the highest possible amount being €162,600*.

*Figure based on the maximum system size of 1000kWp.

​Solar PV System

Grant Value













7kWp – 20kWp


21kWp – 200kWp


201kWp – 1000kWp


Who's Eligible?

The Solar Grants for Businesses in Ireland, particularly the Non-Domestic Microgen Grant, is open to:

  • Businesses

  • The agricultural sector

  • Public sector bodies

  • Schools

  • Community centres

  • Non-profit societies

Steps to Apply with Carraher Solar:

  1. Choose Carraher Solar: As a leading and trusted SEAI Registered Company, we bring a wealth of experience and expertise. Our clients consistently praise our commitment to quality and service.

  2. Hassle-free Grant Application: With Carraher Solar, you don't need to stress about the paperwork. We'll guide you through the SEAI grant application and ensure all prerequisites are met.

  3. Smooth Coordination with ESB Networks: We'll handle the application to ESB Networks for you, ensuring the solar PV system gets the necessary approvals swiftly.

  4. Expert Solar PV System Installation: Our team of skilled professionals guarantees a seamless and efficient installation, ensuring your system is optimized for maximum energy output.

  5. Prompt Document Submission: We understand the importance of timely grant processing. Carraher Solar ensures all necessary documents are uploaded to SEAI immediately after installation.

  6. Unparalleled Post-Installation Support: Our relationship doesn't end after installation. We're here to provide ongoing support, ensuring you derive maximum benefit from your solar system.

Choose Carraher Solar for a seamless, efficient, and expert solar installation experience. With our track record of excellence, you're not just choosing solar energy; you're choosing peace of mind.

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